Spiritual Freedom

To most people it goes without saying that we are spiritual beings. To others we are not. But either way you believe scientists and agnostics alike must agree that we are energy beings. What that energy is, maybe we shouldn’t try and judge it, but either way, we are awesome beings.

As a matter of personal choice I choose to believe that we are much more than just a bag of bones. We can tune into a universal life force energy. This energy is benevolent and loving and does it’s best to assist us in our journey here on this earth, if we would just learn to listen to it. I have learned to listen to it and hope to do my best to assist you to learn to hear it as well.

I believe that we are supposed to be able to create the life of our dreams. I believe that we are meant to be happy, productive people. If we are anything less that ecstatically happy then something has gone wrong somewhere. Lets try and figure out where we are going wrong and do our best to fix it.

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