Budget Basics-The Cornerstone of a Healthy, Wealthy life

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Begin With Budget Basics


Welcome to the world of budgeting basics.

Sometimes knowing how to manage your money isn’t the easiest task in the world.

They don’t really teach this stuff in school and many people are thrown out into the world without any real knowledge of how to manage their money.

In this course you will be learning the basics of budgeting, credit scores and how to improve them, what a credit score is and why you need it to be good and how to actually get ahead in life. The concept of financial freedom will be explored and explained and a plan laid out on how you can get there.

You will be taken through a series of activities and given work sheets and videos. Plus, as an added bonus you will have 2 personal mentoring sessions, quick call mentoring and unlimited email mentoring.

You won’t just learn this stuff, you will be held accountable for doing it. Let’s walk thru the steps together so you understand them and are able to do them.

Creating a budget is the cornerstone of a healthy, wealthy life. Without learning this basic skill you will be at the whim of your your whims…pardon the pun…until you get a handle on this stuff.

Many people hate budgeting and think it’s super restrictive and hard but that doesn’t have to be the case.

It’s quick and easy to learn and can actually give you a lot of freedom.

Now you can learn budgeting basics anywhere on the internet. What makes this budgeting course different is the personal approach. You won’t be alone. If you’ve ever tried a budget before you probably know that if there is no one there helping you out you are seriously tempted to “break” the budget.

Having a personal coach will help you become more personally responsible for the choices you are making. If you are tempted to fall off the budget “wagon” just give me a quick call and I’ll talk you off the ledge.

Also included in this course is some basic credit repair tips and tricks. Information on why you need to worry about your credit, what good credit can do to save you money, and what to do with your credit once it’s good.