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Where did my eyesight go?

I confess I never thought I would lose my perfect eyesight.

I assumed that I would go through life with perfect eyesight. Nearsighted or farsighted was for other people. I have never been to the eye doctor or had glasses. My eyesight was perfect. I could read and see everything I needed to see.

I didn’t know that when you get older you just automatically, slowly, over time lose the perfect sight that you had as a young person. I remember the moment I started noticing that something wasn’t quite right. I was at the airport and the signs just didn’t come clear after I looked at my phone for awhile. I thought it was just the phone messing with my eyes.

Years go by and things are getting fuzzier and fuzzier up close. I guess I am farsighted. It is kind of annoying to not be able to see your own hands if you get a splinter in a finger. I have to move the books out way far in order to read them and now to top it off my phone is almost too small to read. And this fuzziness is downright annoying.

Can I do anything to improve my sight?

Being the health nut that I am, I figured there had to be some way to improve my sight.

Surely eating a million carrots or washing my eyes with cayenne everyday would fix them. There must be some herb or other food that would help. There just has to be….right? Maybe there is some yoga for the eyes?

But, I must confess I am rather lazy. So even though I have heard about things that might help, I have put off doing anything. Until NOW!

Restore my eyes challenge

A while back I bought a book about using exercises to improve your eyesight.  This is a 3 week program. I never did them consistently….daily…… like I am supposed to in order to see any results.

So my challenge to myself is to do the exercises daily and either prove or disprove their claims that these exercises can improve eyesight.

I am going to record my results below in order to keep myself on track…I highly encourage you to leave a comment so I know someone is watching me…so I keep it up daily.

I am going to put up an eyesight chart and record my findings weekly. I will take measurements of distances….in my case close distances. I will measure it in the morning…because at night my eyesight is shot…lol.

The future of my eyesight

Now once I have gone the 21 days with the exercises, if I do not find the results that I want, I am going to have to take it to the next level. I don’t want to put too many things into play at once or we won’t know if one of them works.

If the eye exercises don’t work, then the next step in my plan will be changing my diet. Maybe I need to eliminate sugar as in I have talked about in this post. Stay tuned.

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