About Us

Our Approach

First off we believe in educating a person. From budgeting and enhancing your credit, to tips and tricks of the trade, education is first and foremost. We also have the resources and knowledge of how to clean up your credit.  We are here if you need us.

Secondly we also believe that you need guidance and counseling in order to make changes in your life. Changes that will keep your credit good once you have it good. Some of the mistakes you have made were not your fault some were...good information and some new habits can help you keep from making the same mistakes again.

Third, since financial freedom is the ultimate goal you will need some totally new information in order to invest, run and create new businesses.

Check out our services to find out more and keep coming back to see what we new stuff we are adding each week.

Meet the Team

Deborah brings customer service to a whole new level. She also has an excellent grasp on finances and loves to help other people learn.

Bobbi brings 20 years of expertise in the credit repair industry. He's a wiz at fixing your credit.


Deborah Aiken

Vice President



Bobbi Brown